Duval Branding

Regine Beerplein 1 D201
2018 Antwerp Belgium

+32 (0)3 288 88 82



Duval Branding, a band of forward-thinking brand specialists who love fascinating questions. Our work starts with a simple “why?” and follows a tailor-made process, involving both reason and intuition. We aim to provide meaningful, honest and surprising solutions.

what makes us unique

we are challengers

We dare companies to (re)discover their brand. By uncovering why you do what you are doing, we can go far beyond a visual identity. Because a ‘brand’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about what drives and moves you. Only if you find your purpose, can you become who you truly are.

we shape and connect

Our goal is to help you create a durable connection with your audience. By articulating your values, vision, beliefs and personality in a coherent, inspiring way we can establish that lasting bond.

we are always hungry for more

As true eager beavers, we keep learning and pushing to go further. Every team member adds a unique quality to our values and culture. We thrive on meaningful brand engagement and want to deliver the best outcomes possible.

we mean business

Strengthened by our long-standing experience and never-ending enthusiasm, we want to shape the industry and drive brands forward. We approach each project, big or small, with a high level of thought and effort, resulting in a positive impact on business. We’re serious about our work and go way beyond pretty pictures to help companies and organisations reach new heights.